Friday, February 09, 2007

new "vincent" preview image & how-to add an image to an internet archive movie page

vincent (austria 1996/2003, feature, 44 min.)

this is the new preview image on the vincent download page at the internet archive. i think it works much better than the one i had before.

if you have a video/film in the archive's open-source movie section and don't know how-to add an image to your movie's page:

• post the image to your blog/site or upload it to the photo sharing service of your choice. copy the url.

• on your movie's page click "Edit item" (on the left, you need to be logged in).

• on the next page ("Item Manager") there is the "description" field: use simple html code to add/link the image.

• scroll down, hit "Submit" and try refreshing your page after a couple of minutes to see the changes.

you could also upload the image to your movie's ftp directory:

"Edit item" > "Item Manager" > "checkout -- edit item's files (non XML)" > copy/paste ftp url > upload via ftp > "check your item in by clicking on this link." > and then as above "Edit item" etc...

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