Saturday, July 14, 2007

visual machine no. 1

i'm a bit late with posting this entry on the indiworks blogger blog - it was posted to my wordpress one on june, 28 2007. this double strategy of wordpress/blogger is not really working and i am currently thinking about all available options of having my online projects in one place. maybe one of the two blogs will have to go, maybe both. i'll post the details once a possible new - and hopefully permanent - indiworks site is up an running. - valentin


a year of blender

it's been now a year since i started with blender/3d and i am pretty happy with how things went so far. there is still *a lot* to learn for me here, yet at the same time i never expected to be able to produce so quickly the kinds of videos blender allows me to make today.

visual machine no. 1

while i am still working on that first (short) 3d animation of mine where i'll have some (simple) characters with "real" bones, i now finished a 3d visual music video:


watch/download the mpeg-4 (h.264) encoded version

visual machine no. 1

(higher resolution)

note that the mpeg-4 (h.264) video might require a relatively fast machine for smooth playback - it works fine on my imac g5, but it did not work well on a friend's g4... i did not want to upload a smaller version, since the edges of the 3d objects/graphics tend to look too pixelated when viewed full-screen.

but the flash video version above looks astonishingly good (for flash) even when viewed full-screen.

editing by number

maybe something about the editing: i think this is the first time that i cut a complete video using only clips/blocks of video with exactly the same length (or half/a quarter/an eight of that length). this was necessary in order to have the visuals really fit to the minimalist 120 bpm techno(id) track that i had previously prepared in garageband. i am surprised how well this "editing by number" worked out and how organic in fact it looks...


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